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Removing The Confederate Flag

In the aftermath of the tragedy in South Carolina, the people who are smarter than the rest of us has made a move to remove the Confederate Flag. Good job, that will keep the nut jobs out there from killing black folk. My question is now, what flag will you remove the next time innocent black children, women and men are mowed down by a drive by shooting? Come on now, it has to be some flag out there that is causing these types of crimes as well.

You stupid white apologetic people are so ashamed of being white and scared for you political career, that you actually come up with ideas such as removing a flag in response to a nut job gunning down innocent people! Please, stop the madness, I can hardly take it anymore.

My Christmas List

As I read some of the top news articles today I am reminded that December 21, 2012 is fast approaching. For the ones who do not know the significances of this date; the 21st of December is apparently when the Mayan Calendar ends and to some humans that means it is the end of the world. For few of us it is a gateway to questions and concerns such as; “Should I buy Christmas Presents?”, or, “Should I wait to buy a 2013 calendar?”. If the inquiring mind waits until December 22, 2012, if there is a December 22nd, then it will not leave much time for shopping and all the good shit will be gone. There is a solution; Plan a vacation for Christmas!

It has been brought to my attention that there is one place on earth that will not be affected by the Mayan Apocalypse. That is correct; Book a trip to sunny Bugarach, France. Some cults are flocking to this town claiming that at the last moment a spaceship will come out of the Pic de Bugarach Mountain and swoop up all humans and save them from doomsday. How about that? By giving this vacation for Christmas, one will have accomplished giving an awesome early Christmas present and saved your family’s ass from doomsday.


Another Election

Here we are again on the eve of another election and the only difference is a face. All the talking heads are saying the same thing they said four years ago. We hear doom and gloom stories on both sides if their candidate is not elected. I hear if Romney is elected he will put the blacks back in the cotton fields and I hear if Obama is re-elected America will cease to exist. Not that I am an Obama fan but the talking heads said when he was first elected that it was the end of America. Matter of fact I listened to them so much that I stocked up on survival food. The sad part is, there is not a nickle worth of difference between any of them. We, the people who does the voting, are lead around like sheep by the media and all the talking heads. They tell us to vote Republican or Democrat because it is not possible for a third party candidate to win. They tell us to vote for the lessor evil between the two. The best response I have heard to that logic is “they may be the lessor of two evil, but still evil”.

Why do we keep putting these same clowns in office? They like to tell us what the American people think and want but they do not really know. Most elected officials can not identify with the common folks of this country. These people are millionaires over and over and have no idea what it is like to worry if they will have the money to pay the electric bill next month. Nope, they set up in Washington making policy and laws and tell us how great they are.

My opinion is voting for the lessor of the two evils is a wasted vote. Do not vote for one or the other because someone tells you to; do not vote for one because they are black or white; do not vote one or the other because they said they would give you something. Vote for the candidate because you did your homework on them and you feel they will be the best for our country.


Stupidity Runs Rampant In America

I read an article today where a school district in Rhode Island has banned activities such as “father-daughter” and “mother-son” dances. This decision came after a single mother complained to none other than the ACLU. According to the article the federal government does not view these events as discrimination and have exemptions for such activities, however, the state of Rhode Island does not.

There is nothing in the article stating that neither the ACLU nor the State of Rhode Island asks the school district to stop having these events. I assume the school district caved on the issue because ONE person has a problem with the gender specific events. This, my friends, is just another example that the majority does not win over the minority for the sake of political correctness.



Something Is Rotten In Santa Rosa County Florida Continued

Another case to compare to Ricky Perritt’s light sentence is the one of Cynthia Lee Biggs and Bobby Biggs of Santa Rosa County Florida. Both Biggs were arrested on similar charges as Ricky Perritt and his wife, Jennifer Perritt. The difference, once again, is the punishment that is given.

Cynthia Biggs was charged with seven counts of trafficking in hydrocodone and three counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Mrs. Biggs received the minimum mandatory of 25 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Bobby Biggs convicted of two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone and five counts of obtaining drugs by fraud received 25 years in prison.

Let us look at Ricky Perritt’s conviction and punishment once again:

Ricky Perritt: three counts of trafficking narcotics, three counts of withholding information from a practitioner and 3 counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud

= 1 year in jail and work release privileges.

I am still confused by the major differences in the severity of punishment between the Biggs, Ricky Perritt and Jennifer Perritt. If someone can logically explain to me the differences I would be grateful. 



Something Is Rotten In Santa Rosa County Florida

Oh yes, something is rotten in Santa Rosa County Florida. I want you to meet Ms.Kimberly Mass-Rodriguez. She was charged and convicted of two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone, four counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and one count of welfare fraud. For her misdeeds, Ms. Mass-Rodriguez was put in prison for 15 years. She also has to pay $150,000 dollars in fines.

My question is; does welfare fraud carry a 14 year prison term? Apparently it does because if we are all treated equally Ms. Mass-Rodriguez would have only been sentence to one year in jail for the drug related charges with work release privileges. That is basically what Ricky Perritt received for his misdeeds. Although he did not commit welfare fraud his charges includes three counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud, three counts of withholding information from a practitioner and three counts of trafficking narcotics (Lortab).

So let us tally this up:

Kimberly Mass-Rodriguez: two counts trafficking in hydrocodone, four counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and one count of welfare fraud.

= 15 years in prison

Ricky Perritt: three counts of trafficking narcotics, three counts of withholding information from a practitioner and 3 counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud

= 1 year in jail and work release privileges.

I am confused. He has more charges but receives less time?



Why Do I Care?

Why do I care if someone receives special rights or a light sentence for a crime that another would have and has received 25 years for? Why do I care that the corrupt Sheriff’s deputes can do whatever they want while the others cover-up for the wrong doing? Why do I care when the sheep of Santa Rosa County does not care? They are too worried about the construction on Avalon Blvd or what name is on the water tower in Pea-Ridge. The news papers and television news tells the sheep to look over there and the sheep looks that way when they should look the other way. Wake up sheep, you are being led around by your nose and do not even know it.

Corruption will destroy your society. You have corrupt people in office and corrupt people in the legal system.


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No Honor, No Justice

Once again Santa Rosa County let one of its finest get off with a light sentence for drug charges and fraud. One year in jail for this ex Santa Rosa County Deputy for his crimes. But wait! The sentence just got lighter. On 8/8/2012 the judge granted Mr. Ricky Perritt work release, which means, he only has to sleep at the jail. Is this corruption or insanity by the officials?



Honor and Law

“When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose[?]”
― Anne Bishop, Heir to the Shadows


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